Building Committee

Members:  Priscilla Chellis (Chair); Fred Chellis; Gregg Fournier; Jim Goodberry; Bob Hess; Dean Martin; John Philbrick

An ending brings a joyous beginning!

As you have read throughout this newsletter, our building project has reached completion as the keys were turned over to us during the Dedication Service following worship on October 15, 2000.

For almost three years, the Board of Trustees and the Building Committee have spent many long hours working out the details, first with planning what the addition would look like, followed by the choice of an architect who directed our path to a contractor, who then continued the project to where we have now reached completion. We were very fortunate to have chosen Phil Kendrick of Dover as our architect, for his expertise and attention to detail is what makes the addition blend in perfectly with our original building. We were also very fortunate with our choice of contractors, for Ed Frisella of Somersworth - along with his crew - followed the blueprints to a "T", even going above and beyond the requirements most of the time. Their wonderful personalities and capable hands have produced a building that will stand for many generations to come.

Each and every member of the Building Committee played a vital part in the project, from researching to physical labor to offering knowledge in many areas. Yes, there were some ups and downs, but the "downs" were overshadowed by the overwhelming "ups". And, of course, each and every member and friend of First Parish played a vital part as well, for you supported us along the way, having the confidence that we would do what we set out to do.

I want to personally, and publicly thank all Building Committee members; Gregg Fournier, Dean Martin, Jim Goodberry, Bob Hess, John Philbrick, Pastor Mark and Fred Chellis (who had to live with the project more than the others!) An extra special thank you goes out to Richard Shepherd, whose non-stop energy, attention to detail and willingness to do whatever was necessary in the end, made it possible to "move over" in time. He truly was a God-send in the final weeks.

Let us now Praise the Lord as all of us begin anew in our expanded facilities! We are so blessed to have been given this opportunity to not only physically grow, but spiritually grow as well. Let us treasure this community called First Parish, open our hands and welcome all who wish to enter and seek Him.

Priscilla Chellis, Chair